When To Replace Your Roof: 4 Top Warning Signs

Replacing the roof is not a simple task and can be quite costly, so people try to postpone this procedure as long as possible. On the other hand, discovering the problem and fixing it in time will cost you much less than stating the catastrophic consequences of ignoring the condition of the roof completely .

Your well-being, comfort, and good mood depend on the condition of the roofing. Therefore, it is very important not to miss the moment and contact professional roofers before the situation becomes critical. After all, we all know that the earlier a problem is recognized, the faster and easier it can be solved. And we are here today to tell you about 4 warning signs that your roof needs repair. Let’s go!

Sign #1. You See The Light Through The Roof

It is not at all as romantic as the light at the end of the tunnel. It is quite simple to notice the problem: pay attention to the condition of the roof in the rooms on the upper floors of the house by turning off the electric light. It is ideal to do this either at sunset or at dawn when there is little light in the room, but outside it is quite enough.

If you find light making its way through the roof, then there are cracks in it, through which moisture can subsequently begin to penetrate. Therefore, you need to contact the specialists immediately and find out if a partial roof repair is possible here or a complete roof replacement is more suitable.

Sign #2. You See The Sagging Of The Roof

There is no need to wait for other signs: this is already a serious alarm. In addition to the fact that this indicates some problems in the structure of the upper part of the house, it is also possible to influence the foundation. Therefore, if you do not want a collapse of the roof and heaven forbid damage to other parts of the house, you need to take action.

The reasons for sagging can be different: too much water or snow, poor quality materials, incorrect installation, etc. It is important to understand in advance how much weight the roof can withstand, and how resistant its materials are to moisture. When sagging, it will no longer work to be limited to repairs, it is necessary to replace the roof and do it with the help of professionals who will not allow a second hack-work and bad materials.

Sign #3. You See Cracked or Missing Shingles

Both options are not very good for roofs. By repairing and restoring individual parts of the roof without the participation of specialists, you risk not only damaging intact segments, but also increase the likelihood that the roof will wear out unevenly and your repairs will be incessant. Plus, the roof will look like a patchwork quilt.

Ask the company with the highest quality roofing Palm Bay has to offer and they can advise on the best repair option. Perhaps the replacement will be a a less costly option in the future, and here you cannot do without an expert examination.

Sign #4. You Find Granules in Your Gutter

The outer side of the composite roof is covered with natural stone granules, thereby creating a presentable appearance and an outer protective layer from precipitation. If instead of protecting the roof, they accumulate in your gutter, then this is an important warning of wear.

Tracking the condition of the outer coating will help you protect the roof from more serious damage. Also, if there is a possibility of branches of nearby trees falling on the roof, pay attention to this and neutralize such a danger


Forewarned is forearmed. Pay attention to the signs we have indicated, respond to alarms in time and you’ll be able to avoid major problems and costly repairs.